About sithi.org
→ Purpose
Sithi means 'rights' in Khmer, the language of the Khmer people and the official language of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Sithi.org has two main purposes. First, to encourage civil society organisations and others working on human rights in Cambodia to be more effective by providing information and resources to encourage greater professionalism, specialism and collaboration. Second, to provide information on the human rights situations in Cambodia to increase awareness and understanding of human rights in Cambodia in order to mobilize action to protect and promote them.

→ Using sithi.org
Sithi.org is intended to be a joint initiative developed by all those interested in and/or working on promoting and protecting human rights in Cambodia. Trusted civil society organisations and others are able to contribute content to any section of the portal. Everyone can access this information. Click here to view the Instruction Manual, providing simple guidance on using Sithi.org.

→ History
Sithi.org was launched in 2009. It is a project of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), a non-political, independent, non-governmental Phnom Penh based organisation that works to promote and protect democracy and human rights throughout Cambodia. Sithi.org reflects many of the values and approaches of the CCHR; engaging in non-aggressive dialogue with all stakeholders; encouraging civil society organisations to take a more sophisticated and collaborative approach to bring about change; and exchanging knowledge in an innovative way to empower all those working on human rights in Cambodia. The development of Sithi.org relies on collaboration by and input from all those interested in and working on promoting and protecting human rights in Cambodia.

→ Donors and support
Sithi.org is generously supported by the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, the United State Agency for International Development (USAID), the East West Management Institute (EWMI), and The Open Society Institute (OSI). Thank you to the taxpayers of Britain and the United States for making Sithi.org possible.
→ Contact Us
Should you have any queries or require further information about Sithi.org, please email infor@sithi.org.

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