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BarCamp? I think I am an Ice Tea like most people love to make fun of it, since I did not know what BarCamp is before even though I am an IT. What an embarrassment! In fact I have heard about it and just thought it is probably the program of fun according the word “Bar”. Hmm… “Bar” plus “Camp” may mean “Camp Trip with Beer or something…”. The day I come to know the exact meaning is day of BarCamp Angkor being held for two days, 24th and 25th of March, 2012, Saturday and Sunday.

Well, talking about meaning of BarCamp, Google or Wikipedia can help you and I hope you don’t ask me to tell you how. And one more thing, I hope also you don’t ask me “is it your first time to attend BarCamp?”

Build Bride University campus was a place where the BarCamp was. On the first day, the program started by explaining the BarCamp and introducing the partners by BarCamp organizer. Each partner representative including each team who gives session came up one by one to speak some pla pla pla words and of course so did our team which took around 30 minutes. We were wondering that there were maybe few audiences interested in our topic “Freedom to surf (meaning freedom of using Internet)” since there were only two when our session was started, but after few minutes more people came and most of them are students. The discussion was smooth along with good questions and answers back and forth including good suggestions. Audiences were so active and it was really interesting. The most interested issue was the price of the Internet which is the most touching problem that most students in rural and sometimes urban area face it. They came up with some reasonable answers like the government should put this issue into account seriously, and the ISP should try to promote the service so that more people will use it since the more use of Internet, the more lower price of it.

Lunch break was our session ended. During lunch, Rubik Cube three by three solving was also a session. I was forced and threatened to give it. After lunch, we attended one session talking about business which I thought it’s quite good, but at the end, it looked just an ads only and it is not really company yet in Cambodia but a representative.

On the second day, “Cloud Service” topic was so interested presented by Japanese presenter. This technology really makes life easier and I think in the future it will become one of the most needed technologies.

So BarCamp was not what I thought before. It also is sometimes just a chance for business Companies to promote their products. Well, talking about what I thought before about BarCamp, it’s really funny, isn’t it? “Camp Trip with Beer or something…” Kikiki… :D.

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